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Speed Workouts for Marathon Runners: Tempo Runs and Yasso 800s

Are you ready to kick your marathon training into high gear? Lace up your running shoes and get ready to sprint towards success.

In this article, we will explore the importance of speed workouts for marathon runners, specifically focusing on tempo runs and Yasso 800s. These workouts are like jet fuel for your endurance, helping you build strength and speed.

So, if you’re looking to conquer that next marathon with confidence, keep reading to discover the secrets of these powerful training techniques.

The Importance of Speed Workouts for Marathon Runners


Speed workouts are essential for marathon runners because they help improve your overall race pace and endurance. Incorporating speed training into your marathon preparation can have numerous benefits that will ultimately enhance your performance on race day.

One of the main benefits of speed workouts is that they help you develop a faster race pace. By incorporating tempo runs and interval training, you can push your body to run at a faster speed than your usual long-distance pace. This not only helps improve your aerobic capacity but also trains your muscles to handle the increased intensity for longer periods of time.

Another benefit of speed workouts is improved endurance. By challenging yourself with shorter, faster intervals, you are able to increase your lactate threshold and delay the onset of fatigue during races. Tempo runs, in particular, are great for building stamina and mental toughness as they require you to maintain a comfortably hard effort over an extended distance.

To improve marathon performance with speed training, it’s important to incorporate these workouts into your training plan strategically. Aim to include one or two speed sessions per week, gradually increasing the intensity and duration over time. Additionally, make sure to properly warm up before each workout and allow for adequate recovery between sessions.

Understanding Tempo Runs: How to Incorporate Them Into Your Training


To effectively incorporate tempo runs into your training, it’s important to understand their purpose and how they can benefit your performance as a marathon runner. Tempo runs are a key component of speed workouts, helping you improve your race pace, build endurance, and increase lactate threshold.

Here are three reasons why tempo runs should be an essential part of your training regimen:

– Boosts Speed: Tempo runs push you to run at a comfortably hard pace that is just below your maximum effort. This helps train your body to maintain a faster pace for longer periods of time.

– Enhances Endurance: By running at a steady tempo for an extended distance or time, you challenge your cardiovascular system and teach it to adapt to the demands of maintaining speed over long distances.

– Increases Lactate Threshold: Tempo runs help raise the point at which lactic acid starts accumulating in your muscles. This means you’ll be able to sustain higher speeds before fatigue sets in.

To maximize the benefits of tempo runs, consider incorporating different variations into your training plan. Some popular variations include progression tempos (gradually increasing pace), short-interval tempos (alternating between fast and slow segments), and cruise intervals (alternating between fast-paced sections and easy recovery jogs).

Now that you have a good understanding of tempo run benefits and variations, let’s move on to discussing another key workout for marathon success: mastering Yasso 800s.

Mastering Yasso 800s: A Key Workout for Marathon Success


When incorporating Yasso 800s into your training regimen, it’s important to focus on proper pacing and recovery periods. Yasso 800s are a popular speed workout for marathon runners that can help improve your race pace and endurance. This workout involves running 800 meters (or half a mile) at a specific pace, followed by an equal amount of recovery time. By gradually increasing the intensity and volume of these intervals over time, you can build your speed and stamina.

To track your progress in Yasso 800s, you can use a simple table like the one below:

Workout Session Pace (minutes per 800m)
Session 1 4:00
Session 2 3:55
Session 3 3:50
Session 4 3:45

As you progress through your training plan, aim to decrease your pace by about five seconds per session. This gradual improvement will indicate that you’re getting faster and stronger.

Remember to listen to your body during these workouts. If you find yourself struggling to maintain the prescribed pace or experiencing excessive fatigue, it may be necessary to adjust the intensity or take additional rest days.

Training Strategies for Maximizing Speed and Endurance


As you incorporate different training strategies into your routine, remember to focus on pacing and recovery periods to maximize your speed and endurance. It’s not just about pushing yourself to the limit during every workout; it’s also important to find the right balance between training intensity and rest.

Here are three key tips for optimizing your training:

– Vary Your Training Intensity: To improve both speed and endurance, it’s crucial to mix up the intensity of your workouts. Incorporate interval training sessions where you alternate between high-intensity efforts and active recovery periods. This will help improve your cardiovascular fitness and build stamina.

– Prioritize Recovery: Recovery is just as important as the actual workouts themselves. Make sure to include rest days in your training plan to allow your body time to repair and adapt. Additionally, prioritize sleep, proper nutrition, and stretching or foam rolling exercises to aid in muscle recovery.

– Listen To Your Body: Pay attention to any signs of fatigue or injury during your training. Pushing through pain can lead to setbacks rather than progress. If you’re feeling excessively tired or experiencing persistent pain, take a step back, reassess your training plan, and consult with a healthcare professional if necessary.

Tips for Incorporating Speed Workouts Into Your Marathon Training Plan


Don’t forget to include interval training sessions in your marathon training plan to improve both speed and endurance. Incorporating speed workouts into your routine can be a game-changer when it comes to achieving your goals on race day.

Here are some practical tips for staying motivated and avoiding common mistakes during your speed workouts.

First, make sure to set specific goals for each workout. Whether you’re aiming to increase your overall pace or hit a certain time for intervals, having clear objectives will keep you focused and motivated.

It’s also important to vary the distance and intensity of your speed workouts. This helps prevent plateauing and keeps your body challenged.

Another tip is to find a training partner or join a running group. Having someone else there can provide accountability and make the workouts more enjoyable. Plus, friendly competition can push you to work harder!

When it comes to common mistakes, one big error is neglecting proper warm-up and cool-down routines. Always take the time to properly prepare your muscles before pushing them hard, and don’t forget about the importance of recovery afterward.

Lastly, avoid overtraining by incorporating rest days into your schedule. Your body needs time to recover and adapt from intense workouts.


Congratulations on completing this article on speed workouts for marathon runners! By incorporating tempo runs and Yasso 800s into your training regimen, you are taking a crucial step towards improving your speed and endurance.

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to achieving your marathon goals. One interesting statistic to keep in mind is that runners who include speed workouts in their training plan tend to see an average improvement of 2-3% in their race times.

So lace up those shoes and get ready to crush your next marathon with these effective speed workouts!

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